Configure which version of EnergyPlus to use







An acceptable EnergyPlus version or an EnergyPlus installation path.


An acceptable EnergyPlus version.


  • For use_eplus() and eplus_config(), an (invisible for use_eplus()) list of three contains EnergyPlus version, directory and EnergyPlus executable. version of EnergyPlus;

  • For avail_eplus(), a numeric_version vector or NULL if no available EnergyPlus is found;

  • For is_avis_avail_eplus(), a scalar logical vector.


use_eplus() adds an EnergyPlus version into the EnergyPlus version cache in eplusr. That cache will be used to get corresponding Idd object when parsing IDF files and call corresponding EnergyPlus to run models.

eplus_config() returns the a list of configure data of specified version of EnergyPlus. If no data found, an empty list will be returned.

avail_eplus() returns all versions of available EnergyPlus.

is_avail_eplus() checks if the specified version of EnergyPlus is available or not.

See also

download_eplus() and install_eplus() for downloading and installing EnergyPlus


# \dontrun{ # add specific version of EnergyPlus use_eplus(8.9)
#> Error: Cannot locate EnergyPlus v8.9 at default installation path '~/.local/EnergyPlus-8-9-0' #> Cannot locate EnergyPlus v8.9 at default installation path '/usr/local/EnergyPlus-8-9-0' #> Please specify explicitly the path of EnergyPlus installation.
#> Found EnergyPlus v8.8 in user directory: ~/.local/EnergyPlus-8-8-0
#> Configure data of EnergyPlus v8.8.0 located at '/home/runner/.local/EnergyPlus-8-8-0' already exists. No Updating performed.
# get configure data of specific EnergyPlus version if avaiable eplus_config(8.6)
#> Warning: Failed to find configuration data of EnergyPlus v8.6
#> list()
# } # get all versions of avaiable EnergyPlus avail_eplus()
#> [1] ‘8.8.0’ ‘9.4.0’
# check if specific version of EnergyPlus is available is_avail_eplus(8.5)
#> [1] FALSE
#> [1] TRUE