Download specified version of EnergyPlus for your platform from GitHub and install it.

install_eplus(ver = "latest", force = FALSE)

download_eplus(ver = "latest", dir)



The EnergyPlus version number, e.g., 8.7. The special value "latest", which is the default, means the latest version.


Whether to install EnergyPlus even if it has already been installed.


Where to save EnergyPlus installer file. For install_eplus(), the installer will be saved into tempdir()


An invisible integer 0 if succeed. Moreover, some attributes will also be returned:

  • For install_eplus():

    • path: the EnergyPlus installation path

    • installer: the path of downloaded EnergyPlus installer file

  • For download_eplus():

    • file: the path of downloaded EnergyPlus installer file


download_eplus() downloads specified version of EnergyPlus from EnergyPlus GitHub Repository.

install_eplus() will try to install EnergyPlus into the default location, e.g. C:\EnergyPlusVX-Y-0 on Windows, /usr/local/EnergyPlus-X-Y-0 on Linux, and /Applications/EnergyPlus-X-Y-0 on macOS.

Note that the installation process requires administrative privileges during the installation and you have to run R with administrator (or with sudo if you are on Linux) to make it work if you are not in interactive mode.


if (FALSE) { # for the latest version of EnergyPlus download_eplus("latest", dir = tempdir()) install_eplus("latest") # for a specific version of EnergyPlus download_eplus(8.8, dir = tempdir()) install_eplus(8.8) }