transition() takes an Idf object or a path of IDF file and a target version, performs version transitions and returns an Idf object of specified version.

transition(idf, ver, keep_all = FALSE, save = FALSE, dir = NULL)



An Idf object or a path of IDF file.


A valid EnergyPlus version, e.g. 9, 8.8, or "8.8.0".


If TRUE, a list will be return which contains all Idf objects of intermediate versions. The list will be named using first two number of that version, e.g. 8.1, 8.2. If FALSE, only the Idf object of the version specified by ver will be returned. Default: FALSE.


If TRUE, the models will be saved into specified directory. Default: FALSE.


Only applicable when save is TRUE. The directory to save the new IDF files. If the directory does not exist, it will be created before save. If NULL, the directory of input Idf object or IDF file will be used. Default: NULL.


An Idf object if keep_all is FALSE or a list of Idf objects if keep_all is TRUE.

See also

See version_updater() which directly call EnergyPlus preprocessor IDFVersionUpdater to perform the version transitions.