read_epw() parses an EPW file and returns an Epw object. The parsing process is extremely inspired by [EnergyPlus/] with some simplifications. For more details on Epw, please see Epw class.

read_epw(path, warning = FALSE)



A path of an EnergyPlus EPW file.


If TRUE, warnings are given if any missing data, out of range data and redundant data is found. Default: FALSE. All these data can be also retrieved using methods in Epw class.


An Epw object.

See also

Epw class


# read an EPW file from EnergyPlus v8.8 installation folder if (is_avail_eplus(8.8)) { path_epw <- file.path( eplus_config(8.8)$dir, "WeatherData", "USA_CA_San.Francisco.Intl.AP.724940_TMY3.epw" ) epw <- read_epw(path_epw) } if (FALSE) { # read an EPW file from EnergyPlus website path_base <- "" path_region <- "north_and_central_america_wmo_region_4/USA/CA" path_file <- "USA_CA_San.Francisco.Intl.AP.724940_TMY3/USA_CA_San.Francisco.Intl.AP.724940_TMY3.epw" path_epw <- file.path(path_base, path_region, path_file) epw <- read_epw(path_epw) }