Reload Idf data

reload(x, ...)



An object of class Idd, IddObject, Idf, IdfObject, Epw, EplusJob, EplusGroupJob or ParametricJob object. Any object of other class will be directly returned without any modifications.


further arguments passed to or from other methods. Currently not used.


The input object with its internal data.table::data.table()s properly initialized.


eplusr relies heavily on the data.table package. The core data of all main classes in eplusr are saved as data.table::data.table()s. This introduces a problem when loading saved Idf objects or other class objects via an *.RDS and *.RData file on disk: the stored data.table::data.table()s lose their column over-allocation. reload() is a helper function that calls data.table::setDT() on all internal data.table::data.table()s to make sure they are initialized properly.

It is recommended to call reload() on each Idd, Idf and other class object in eplusr loaded with readRDS() or load(), to make sure all eplusr's functionaries works properly.